The internet is still a toddler – contribute to it as it continues to grow up and revolutionise our world

You may not remember, but there was a time, not so long ago, when there was no internet. It may seem like ancient history but if you can imagine the changes that have been brought into our world by the ability to exchange information, buy and sell goods, socialise and find support through your smartphone – that’s a lot of change. It happened in the blink of a post-industrial eye and the architects of its future are… you.

Learning to create websites is a skill and a responsibility that will shape the future of businesses, services and people’s lives in untold ways. It almost goes without saying that the web is where it’s at… but it’s still changing… in twenty years you may not recognise the new ways that we will be using technology.

All these innovations are built one on top of the other and that future I’m hinting at will come out of today’s need for websites that work. If you learn to make those websites from the inside today you can ride that wave of innovation into the future.

This project will be addressing the website needs of real local community businesses and organisations. The designs you work on will be both exercises and notches on your CV.

To get involved either email or go through the Website Enquiry Form.