Instructional Videos:

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Are you interested in filming?

As many of you know, we have a YouTube channel and during the pandemic, instructional films have been a way of keeping a virtual connection with others.

For those of you who enjoy filming and are happy in front of the camera, why note create a short video at home sharing about a hobby that interests you, or handy tips on how to get the best from a topic of your choice, perhaps include a basic How-To Guide to inspire someone else into trying out a new musical instrument, cook your favourite recipes or how to draw a cartoon character in 10 easy steps. Try out filming close ups of your hands as you make something or a montage of photos for example.

We have a Tips Guide to download on the AYA website to help you make the best out of a video with content and guidance on keeping you safe. All films will be need to be approved by AYA before they can be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Covid19: Activities for all projects have changed to a more remote and digital platform, (click AYA’s Digital Volunteering to read more about AYA’s adapted activities in response to the pandemic). Which offers alternative remote activities that you can do at home.