Last Tuesday was my first session with another student, we were given homework the week before to make notes on what we found useful and unhelpful about AYA’s website as well as other youth charity websites of our choice.

We started off by talking about presentation skills and how we would use them while presenting. After each point, we gave feedback and our own thoughts about the chosen website, we discussed the positives and negatives and how it affects those sites like:

  • the use of different colours
  • the layout
  • using the website on a mobile device to see if it is still compatible on a smaller screen
  • the key elements that made the website stand out from others and how they benefit the user’s experience.

After this, we were walked through a software called ‘Word Press’, this is a system that allows you to build and manage a website. We were given an explanation of how the website works and how to create a new post. This was fascinating to me as it gave me a behind the scenes look at how most websites are developed.