What are domains?

A domain can be the name of a website (what comes before the .com, .org, etc.), or an email address (what comes after the @). Some examples of domains include, and Domains are used to bring your business online, anyone can purchase a custom domain for a monthly fee.

Some benefits of having a domain for your business are,

  • A memorable name allows customers to easily find your website. Having a good domain that is unique and easy to remember is important for a business, as a professional looking domain can attract new customers, and something easy to remember allows existing customers to easily find your website.
  • Credibility. Owning your own domain will allow the company to stand out and build up its credibility, which will help grow the business. It looks more professional for a business to have their own domain rather than using a free one from a random website builder.
  • Control over your brand. Buying your preferred domain for your business eliminated the risk of someone else buying it, which could result in losing control over your business.
  • Branding. Having a good professional name for your business can contribute to the reputation and branding, a good reputation means more customers and sales.
  • Flexibility. When you own your own domain, you have the flexibility to switch web hosts at any time, you’ll be able to use the same domain anywhere. However, if a web hosting company owns your domain you won’t have the option of switching web hosts, and you’ll be stuck with that company.

The disadvantages of a domain

There are definitely more positives than negatives to owning a domain, the only disadvantage would be the fact that you have to pay to own that domain every year, considering that it is usually cheap, it’s not a big disadvantage. If you want your business to do well, you will need a good domain.

However, if you were thinking of using a web hosting service that provides you with a domain and a website, there are many disadvantages with that..

Firstly, there are so many malicious activities going on with free domains, so there’s a risk that your domain might get banned by Google.

Another big disadvantage would be the response from customers. If a potential customer sees that you’re using a free domain, they may feel suspicious and wouldn’t want to click on your website. The trust value of free domains is nearly 0, so you should consider finding a cheap domain and web hosting service.