Digital Volunteering

AYA Volunteering has gone Digital! We have put together some activities that you can do within your own homes to help the local community through social isolation, some activities are tech based while others are not. You can add to your volunteering hours or just try out a new and interesting activity.

Please be aware that all other volunteering activities have been put on hold until further notice, in line with the Coronavirus government guidelines. We are taking precautionary measures where necessary and monitoring the situation.

There are a few handy tips and guidelines that you will need to be aware of for digital volunteering, so we have put together a PDF quick reference guide to help you out.

AYA Newsletter

Would you like to be part of creating a newsletter for others to read, perhaps about your experiences of self-isolation or something that you feel needs to be heard and that we could bring together as a newsletter, video or audio blog.

  • Written articles
  • Video/Audio Blog

Digital Socialising

You could make a short video using your phone or a mobile device, we have a few suggestions below to get your ideas going. Contact us if you are interested in this and we can work with you to create a self-isolation friendly activity to keep you inspired at home for the most vulnerable residents in Aylesbury Vale. (See Digital Volunteering Guidelines)

  • Knowledge sharing – Make a film about your favourite hobby that you don’t mind sharing with other residents, children or volunteers – it doesn’t need to be complicated, just count to ten in another language, do a magic trick, how to draw a cartoon, play an instrument or even baking a cake. Film your activity in a style that suits you, you could even do a close up of the activity if you prefer not to show your face. You can do the same with the audio, you can replace the audio with on-screen text explaining what is happening. If you need support with any of the filming process, we can help you.
  • Creative music – sing, rap or play an instrument with title lyrics about your self isolation experience
  • Video instruction – choose a popular game or make a new one, and breakdown each move to teach others
  • Exercise instruction – choose an exercise that others can easily do at home or in the garden and narrate each move to teach others
  • Live stream games – with other volunteers (social games over a group chat like Wii games, rather than linked computer games)
  • Shared games – play bingo or chat with a elderly resident at one of our care homes

Letter Buddy (written or recorded)

If you like good conversation and would like to share your time with an elderly resident or other volunteers, in either a written letter, a pre-recorded message or an interactive group chat on Zoom or similar, please get in contact with us and we can make some arrangements. (See Digital Volunteering Guidelines)

  • Written letter – if you prefer the written word to being on camera or recording your voice, then try lifting someones spirits by writing them a letter
  • Recorded message – record or film a message to lift the spirits of someone on their own.

Create a PDF Sheet – Arts, Crafts or Games

If you’re more into your arts and crafts, activities could include the following ideas, designed and drawn by you and published on the AYA website for residents and children to print and cut out with a responsible adult. Let us know if you have any other ideas to add to this list. Don’t worry if you think you’re not very arty as you don’t need to be artistic, as all levels are included. (See Digital Volunteering Guidelines)

  • Thank you cards
  • Quiz creation
  • Jigsaw puzzle creation
  • Colouring in
  • Dot to dot
  • Spot the difference

Register your interest in Digital Volunteering here!

Logging Volunteering Hours

Any agreed project activities can go towards your volunteering hours at AYA, these can be logged through the Google Form link provided – Volunteering Hours Form

Please check with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards website for more information on using your volunteering hours during the self-isolation period – Duke of Edinburgh Awards