Lindengate is working in partnership with The Chiltern Society and Local Well-being practitioner Matt Rodda. 

The #YOUVE Programme is set within 5 acres of unique natural open offering purposeful nature- based activities, intentionally structured to encourage natural growth in assertiveness, improve self-confidence, reduce anxiety and emotional distress, and promote well-being.

Further, the programme is designed around conservation, bushcraft, heritage skills, mindfulness/positive psychology techniques and team building challenges.

Furthermore, due to the programme being practical and fully interactive, participants will consistently be using and evidencing the use of 7 soft skills recognised by employers

1.Leadership 2. Teamwork 3. Problem solving skills 4. Work Ethic 5. Flexibility and Adaptability 6. Interpersonal Skills 7. Communication skills 

They are currently looking for 6 participants, and aim to launch the programme Friday 13th September 2019 1:30p.m- 4.30p.m and every Friday thereafter completing on the 6th week.

Please feel free to contact Suzanne on 01296 622443 to discuss this in further detail/to obtain a registration pack