About Us

Aylesbury Youth Action (AYA) is an independent charity, established in 1971 by the vision and co-operation of the local Head Teachers and others in the community who believed, ahead of their time, in the importance of providing volunteering opportunities for young people.

AYA is a place of opportunities. It is a place where young people aged 14-25 can further develop their skills and step into new and different experiences. A place where you make friends and meet new people. AYA offers an opportunity to volunteer and help the community. The aim of AYA continues to be to improve the life chances of young people and enable them to make a positive contribution to their local community. AYA unique approach to youth and community work results in a double impact for the benefit of the community and the development of the young person who is volunteering.


Outcomes & Impact

Aylesbury Youth Action’s Outcomes are that Young People will…

  • Make a positive contribution, and be recognised for that contribution,
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing,
  • Enjoy and achieve, improving their life chances in a fun and rewarding way,
  • Be more aware of the issues that affect themselves and others,
  • Be more prepared for the world of work, and have the skills to do well at interview and in the workplace,
  • Increase their engagement with different groups in their community,
  • Be more likely to volunteer again in their community again in the future,