Join young Journalists and Designers: publishing for community needs

An ongoing project for volunteers to really get their journalistic teeth into, The Holman Street Press takes on real publishing needs from a variety of clients and turns them into printed artifacts with
community value.

Named for the street to where Aylesbury Youth Action has recently moved The Holman Street Press is a youth learning environment – members will gain skills in writing and knowledge about the way standard publications are put together for real applications. These projects are collaborations between journalism and graphic design – young designers are also needed to put visual shape into the publications through the use of layout skills, graphics and photography. Many important pieces of practical knowledge will be learned and discussed including copyright, print methods, the required technology and history behind the processes.

This project will run with support from local businesses providing help and feedback on the process as it happens. Participants will be encouraged to work in a number of different ways, both at our premises and by following their own journalistic instincts, making sure the facts are correct and meeting the deadlines that come with all publications.

To get involved either email or go through the Website Enquiry Form.