Management Advisory Committee (MAC)

AYA are a youth-led charity and we have a group of young people from across the different projects to help shape and manage the direction of our organisation.

Volunteers come together regularly through the year to share ideas and concerns, review the discussions held by the trustees, and input into the running of AYA.  MAC members are welcome to attend our Trustee Meetings to give a report on what topics have been raised for discussion.  If you would like to be involved, then please the AYA office for more information and when the dates of the next set of meetings are arranged.

This is your opportunity to share your ideas, make a difference and help to shape and develop all aspects of youth volunteering in Bucks.  Join this group of young people who are passionate about making a difference in their community.  This group is open to young people from all backgrounds and abilities with roles tailored to individual interests, all you need is plenty of enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved!

The MAC is at the heart of AYA and with support from AYA staff, you get involved in all aspects of developing and improving the quantity, quality and diversity of youth volunteering in Aylesbury Vale including:

  • Promoting volunteering
  • Recruiting new volunteers
  • Raising awareness of achievements of young people
  • Developing new projects to help meet community needs
  • Consulting with other young people

Each year, the young people appoint Volunteers from within the group to lead it, as Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

MAC Chair: The Chair leads the meeting, encourages everyone to contribute to discussions, and brings the group to a decision. Where the group is undecided, the Chair has the final vote on any decision.
MAC Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair supports the Chair and leads the meeting in their absence. Together, they will agree what needs to be discussed at meetings and plan an agenda.
MAC Secretary: The Secretary organises the meeting – letting everyone know meeting dates and circulating any required information (usually done via the Facebook group). The Secretary also writes up the notes from each meeting as a record of what was discussed and decided.
MAC Treasurer: The Treasurer holds a small budget for the MAC and will need to help the group make decisions in how to spend it, keeping a log of what has been spent and what is still available.

To register your interest, either email or go through the Website Enquiry Form.