Intergenerational Activities at The Gables

*** Covid19 Note: Whilst activities on location at The Gables has been placed on hold for now, you can still support the residents through our Digital Volunteering project. Which offers alternative remote activities that you can do at home. For more information checkout the Digital Volunteering page. ***

The Gables is an intergenerational project, where volunteers meet residents and offer companionship.

This project is an enriching opportunity for volunteers to get involved in helping their community. The Gables project is a scheme that will bring joy, excitement and friendship to the residents, organising quizzes, games, craft and fun to bring a smile to their faces.

The most important part of Generate at The Gables is the sense of companionship our volunteers offer. The simple act of putting a smile on someone’s face and establishing a connection especially as some of the residents here don’t have many visitors themselves. With your help as a volunteer, we can care for and help this home.

If you’re interested in this project getting involved couldn’t be more easy, just fill in the sign up form below and we will get back to you with more information. Each sign up form will be dealt with strictly in the order in which they arrive.

Day: Monday (See note above)
Time: 3.55 to 5.15pm
Location :