Inter-generational Projects

Providing engaging activities for the older generation in Aylesbury and surrounding area. Stimulating mind and keeping active with a variety of gentle activities. Please scroll down for the Covid19 adapted activities.


We have three residential care homes who look after residents with dementia in Aylesbury and another in Winslow that we support with activities.

  • St Leonards Residential Care Home, Aylesbury
  • Mandeville Grange Residential Care Home, Aylesbury
  • The Gables Residential Care Home, Aylesbury
  • Swan House Residential Care Home, Winslow

Volunteers meet residents and offer companionship, enriching both sides of the age bracket, bringing joy, connection and friendship through activities like quizzes, games, art/craft fun, creating smiles to the residents faces.

Biscuit Buddies

This is a new project reaching out to local residents who live alone. The project started up just before the pandemic and as the main aim was through face to face meetings we had to park it initially, but we are now developing actions to connect people remotely as relieving isolation is now as important as ever.

Covid19 Activity Adaptations

Activities for all projects have changed to a more remote and digital platform, (click AYA’s Digital Volunteering to read more about AYA’s adapted activities in response to the pandemic). Which offers alternative remote activities that you can do at home.

As part of our response to the Covid19 pandemic we have combined both Generate and Biscuit Buddies projects for now. All volunteers can join the Intergenerational Action Group on zoom to design and plan how the following activities are put together and get involved in creating each of them, as well as developing new ideas.

Memory Boxes

Residents with dementia are reported to enjoy activities that are linked with the 5 senses. Volunteers can join us in creating a set of Memory Boxes for these residents, all with a fun theme evoking things like “a day at the seaside” for example. All things inside each box would need to be Covid19 friendly at the moment and the contents could be something like; a CD of calming coastal sounds (sound), an aromatherapy scent of vanilla ice cream (smell), sea-shells (touch and sight), speech would be conversation about what they like at the seaside.

Isolation Activity Packs

Volunteers can create any selection of puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, quizzes, fun games, mindful colouring sheets or short stories, all of which can be collated together and added to a jumbo booklet of activities for any age group. The final booklet will be available for download on the AYA website and also printed as part of a larger Isolation Pack with a seed growing activity to act as an ice breaker, which can be delivered to anyone isolated at home.

Letter Buddies

A lot of the older generation like letters and this could be a good one for any volunteers who want an alternative to anything digital and online. The pen pal style of connection can be arranged through AYA if you prefer to keep your personal address confidential.

(Please bear in mind that if volunteers wish to send any letters to the residents with varying levels of dementia who are cared for at the locations listed above, the letters would need to be more of a one off letter to raise spirits, as the likelihood of replies is more reduced).


Volunteers are invited to create a pre-recorded podcast of any length, either reading a story or sharing what you love about your hobbies and interests. As the older generation love to listen to voices and can make them feel more connected or help them to relax.

To register your interest, either email or go through the Website Enquiry Form.