Volunteer Testimonials

I think many people believe that volunteering is a waste of time, but if they saw the benefits they might be persuaded to get involved. Not only do I feel as though I’m making a difference, but I’ve also grown in confidence. Voluntary work can equip people with skills for life, but also make them more employable too.
Andrew Booth
I enjoy volunteering, as it gives me a sense of fulfilment, because I am aiding those around me in one way or another, and I think it is a great aid in everyday life. It does this by letting you see the bigger picture, not just yourself.
Joe Photo
Joe Stembridge-King
I like volunteering as it lets me get out and do things I wouldn’t usually do and opens up new opportunities for me. I've learnt team work and time management skills as well as being able to increase my confidence with meeting new people.
Connor S Photo
Connor smith
I like volunteering because it’s given me the opportunity to learn loads of new skills and meet new people! It was something fun and worthwhile to do after school and my confidence and sense of involvement in my community massively increased because of it. It’s also given me lots of stories to tell in interviews and lots of varied experiences to put on my CV. I’ve learned a lot of practical skills from volunteering, ranging from face painting to pitching a gazebo to public speaking. I’ve also learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of: I’ve achieved things through volunteering that I never would have thought possible a few years ago.
Jade Clarke
I thouroughly enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community, and make a positive difference which provides an amazing feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. Volunteering at AYA has allowed me to develop many skills by taking part in and organizing various projects. Such as developing my ability to engage and empathise with a range of children in the after school club.
Nameer Photo
Nameer Rahman
I like to volunteer because it helps others, not only that but it helps me to meet new like minded people. You can chose when you volunteer so it fits in well with work and school.
Vikki Crockett
It is very rewarding talking to the elderly residents as well as building social skills and learning more about other people's lives.
Heidi Rae Photo
Heidi Rae
I like to volunteer because it gives me a chance to give back to the community and also allows me to positively influence people’s lives.
Amith Photo
Amith Anilkumar
I like volunteering because it’s a way for me to express what I like doing outside of work/school while making a positive social change, and making someone’s life better in the process. In effect, there are no negatives to volunteering; it’s altruistic, because everyone benefits. I’ve learned various things from volunteering, including the importance of resilience and toughness in difficult times, as well as good communication and organisational skills. I’ve also learned how doing something at a relatively low level such as volunteering can have a larger positive impact in the wider community, and hence why volunteering is such a powerful tool that needs to be utilised more, in my opinion.
Marcus Image
Marcus Davis
I like volunteering because it has enabled me to give back to the community whilst also allowing me to develop skills such as communication, creativity, leadership, and confidence.
Amana Photo
Amana siddique
It is very rewarding spending time with all the residents and talking to them about all their past experiences. It is great to know that we are helping them and improving their lives.​
Mollie K Photo
Mollie Kelleher
I enjoy volunteering as it really helps me give back to the community and to fill in CVs in the not too distant future. It also is a great way for me to meet new people and to carry out multiple activities. Being a volunteer at AYA has definitely improved my conversational skills as well as my communication which really helps me when meeting new people.
Lewis H Photo
Lewis Hodges
I have learnt how to work as part of a team and to interact with new people.
Alex Photo
Alex Holloway
Volunteering gives a sense of achievement through knowing that you’re helping the community.
Summia Photo
Summia Hussain
Volunteering has given me confidence and a sense of fulfilment.
Mitchell Photo
Mitchell Edwards
I like volunteering in my spare time because it allows me to help others, which I find very rewarding. As well as this I have met some amazing people along the way which has made me more comfortable and confident when socialising with new people. I also believe that volunteering has heavily impacted on the person I am today because I enjoy helping and giving to others.
Georgia Photo
Georgia Myers
Volunteering is something I really enjoy because it allows me to give something back to the community. It is so rewarding to bring a smile to someone's face even if it is only for an hour a week. My communication and interpersonal skills have been improved greatly during my time volunteering, alongside an improvement in both teamwork and commitment. I have really enjoyed volunteering and hope to continue as long as I can.​
Sam Photo
Sam Bhaskaran