Volunteer Celebration Award Winners

Every year we have a celebration to say thank you to our volunteers and to give them a chance to showcase what they have achieved during the past year. Below is a list of previous award winners at our Volunteer Celebration.


Keith Smith Award for Outstanding Contribution: Mitchell Edwards
The Raven Award for Volunteer of the Year: Gizzette Edwards
Team of the Year Award: Aylesbury Generate Team
Leadership Award: Lewis Hodges
Most Enthusiastic Award: Amith Anilkumar
Best Newcomer Award: Emily McGill


Volunteer of the Year: Mehreen Khan
Team of the Year Award: Aylesbury Generate Team
Leadership Award: Sam Bhaskaran
Most Enthusiastic Award: Lewis Hodges
Best Newcomer Award: Mitchell Edwards


Volunteer of the Year: Georgia Myers
Keith Smith Award for Outstanding Contribution: Jade Clarke
Team of the Year Award: Winslow Youth Action
Leadership Award: Charlotte Ruddy
Most Enthusiastic Award: Jacob Kirk
Best Newcomer Award: Marcus Davis


Volunteer of the Year: Andrew Booth
Keith Smith Award for Outstanding Contribution: Dermot Kennedy
Team of the Year Award: Towersey Team
Leadership Award:  Emily Owen
Most Enthusiastic Award: Mason Alvalle
Best Newcomer Award: Helena Pringle


Volunteer of the Year: Jade Clarke
Outstanding Achievement Award: Stacey Barry
Team of the Year Award:  Buckingham Youth Action Team
Leadership Award: Furhan Mukhtar
Most Enthusiastic Award: Mathew Hall
Best Newcomer Award: Abhay Ashiani