Covid-19 Updates

***Please note that this page is continually updated, so ensure you check back periodically for updates***

Welcome to the AYA page for all of our updates on how Covid19 will affect AYA projects and activities.

Our activities have adapted to a more remote basis with Digital Volunteering, more details can be found here or under the “Get Involved” drop down section under the main site navigation. We are endeavoring to phase in face-to-face activities slowly over Autumn/Winter as appropriate for the project.

Keep calm – Stay connected – Be safe

When attending a project there are three main points to remember, which are as listed below.

  1. Face Mask – Please wear a face mask to all projects and activities
  2. Socially Distance – Please respect the 2 metre social distancing rules
  3. Wash/Sanitize Hands – Please ensure that you keep your hands washed or sanitized

All volunteers will be required to attend a project specific induction as appropriate for the activities conducted during that project and is likely to be held on site at the project location. For further details on what to expect on a project and some FAQs, please download the Volunteers Covid19 Guidelines below, which will be updated periodically and work in conjunction with the government guidelines.


Volunteers Covid19 Guidelines